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A pamphlet called "Nutrition Action" published monthly by the Center for 
Science in the Public Interest from at least as early as 1974 included a 
regular feature called "Food Porn" from at least as early as 1980.

"Food Porn" in that context related to various types of unhealthful 

Chicago Tribune, January 2, 1980, page 24.

[Excerpt]Nutritionists don't look kindly on candy anyway, so it is only 
fitting that Nutrition Action should find a certain kind of grim 
satisfaction in pointing out that it finally came across a shining 
example of truth in advertising when it listed a creation called 
"Garbage Candy" in its "Food Porn" section.  The goody, which comes 
enclosed in a wee plastic garbage can, is shaped like - you guessed it - 
little bits of garbage and assorted trash, such as old shoes, dog bones, 
and various kinds of leftover food. Sounds good enough to throw 
away.[End Excerpt]

"Food Porn" was used to refer to sensual depictions or descriptions of 
food from as early as 1988.

"Find an Alternative Addiction," Tony Lang, Cincinnati Enquirer, March 
31, 1988, page 15.

[Excerpt] I have friends who have sunk into shameless food addiction.  
They are totally hooked on food porn like Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Food & 
Wine. [End Excerpt].

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>I use "porn" figuratively in a couple of icons on my blog, "food porn" and
>"language porn", not with any warning or opprobrious intent.
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>>  > ...  "Porn" is now often used to mean "any sensational or inconsequential
>>  > photographed or printed material that is very enjoyable to look at, esp.
>>  as
>>  > a 'guilty pleasure.'"
>>  >
>>  >
>>  https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryPorn/comments/2o649b/horten_ho_229_flying_over_g%C3%B6ttingen_germany_the/
>>  >   HistoryPorn.
>>  >
>>  > Originally this was an entirely opprobrious term. The earliest I'm aware
>>  of
>>  > is "war porn" (shallow, violent war movies that appeal to enthusiastic
>>  > idiots, from ca. 2002).
>>  on my blog:
>>  -----
>>  6/5/12: X porn:
>>  https://arnoldzwicky.org/2012/06/05/x-porn/
>>  In the case of porn, OED3 (Dec. 2006) has the subentry:
>>  >As the second element in compounds: denoting written or visual material
>>  that emphasizes the sensuous or sensational aspects of a non-sexual
>>  subject, appealing to its audience in a manner likened to the titillating
>>  effect of pornography<
>>  (with cites from 1973 on, including food porn, disaster porn, gastro-porn,
>>  weather porn, and more).
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