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According to Google Trends the use of the word "simping" within
queries in the U.S. grew and peaked dramatically in 2020. See this
5-year graph:


I encountered the word "simping" repeatedly within YouTube videos this
year, but its history can be traced back to at least 2005 according to
the following Urban Dictionary entry.


[Begin excerpt from Urban Dictionary]

v. to simp. Tricking, groveling, or basically just letting females
walk all over you for no apparent reason other than your own

Johnny met Sue. Sue likes Johnny. Johnny fell in love with the poon.
Sue tried to put the smack down. Instead of regulating, Johnny started
being a simp and takes her out to fancy dinners and what not.

*Johnny is begging Sue to take him back whilst his boys are waiting in
the cypher* Homeboy James says, "God damn it Johnny! Stop simping and
hit the bleez already you simp-a-ho!"

by The Tallboy March 08, 2005
[Begin excerpt from Urban Dictionary]

Wiktionary has a pertinent entry with citations beginning in 2013.

[Begin excerpt from Wiktionary]

simp (third-person singular simple present simps, present participle
simping, simple past and past participle simped)

(intransitive, African-American Vernacular, of a man) to be especially
emotionally vulnerable with a woman, often with the intent of
receiving sexual gratification
[End excerpt]

Here are two sample tweets from 2008.

Tweet Timestamp: 6:07 PM · Sep 15, 2008
Tweet From: Nerd Nash @NerdAtCoolTable
Replying to @Go_Getter
[Begin tweet body]
@Go_Getter Excuse the simping but ya pic is gorgeous.
[End tweet body]

Tweet Timestamp: 6:11 PM · Sep 15, 2008
Tweet From: AroundHarlem.com @AroundHarlem
Replying to @NerdAtCoolTable
[Begin tweet body]
@NerdAtCoolTable giving a compliment is not simping. You need to stop
listening to your Not Getting Any Boys
[End tweet body]

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