[Ads-l] riot porn; bothsidesism

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Thu Jun 18 08:52:25 UTC 2020

Chinese state media has been caught using 2012 footage in a smearing 
documentary about the recent HK protests and referencing a non-existent 
"2015 protest".

Riot porn, I guess?


On 08/06/20 2:10 am, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> Fox News has been showing video of violent and incendiary '60s riots - for
> illustrative purposes only, of course.
> Brian Seltzer  on CNN 's "Reliable Sources" worries that this "riot porn"
> can be "misleading."
> A little later, a journalist decries "bothsidesism": the belief that both
> sides of any story must be presented even if, in some cases, one side is
> clearly unreasonable, irrational, disingenuous, or the like.
> JL

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