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antedating Clarke Belt
OED SF Project has 1984; OED has 1984

1981 _73 Magazine_ Nov 15/1

"This belt is known as the Clarke belt, after famed science fiction author Arthur C. Clark suggested the idea of orbiting relay stations back in the forties."


Antedating Clarke orbit
OED SF Project has 1974; OED has 1983

1969 Keith Laumer "And Now They Wake" _Galaxy_ Mar 20/1

"The meteorologist on duty in the United States Weather Satellite in Clarke orbit twenty-two thousand miles above the Atlantic had watched the anomalous formation for half an hour on the big twelve-power screen before calling it to the attention of his supervisor."


Clarke ring
OED SF Project has 1984 (without citation); OED has 1994

Luis Alvarez _Adventures of a Physicist_ New York: Basic Books, 1987 p. 110

"Communications engineers now refer to the location of the several hundred geostationary satellites as the "Clarke Ring." "

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