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I've found an instance of "Dixie" referring to the American South from 2 May 1858, about a year before it appears in Daniel Emmett's two songs, "Johnny Roach" and "Dixie." I haven't seen anyone else report on this one.

Classified Ad. Daily Herald (Newburyport, MA), 2 May 1858, 3. NewsBank: American’s Historical Newspapers:

WELL get a good TRAVELLING TRUNK We are almost giving away Traveling Trunks and have the largest assortment in the city, from $1.37 up to $20—Now is the time to purchase one [a]t your own price, and then you can leave just when you like, Your trunk being in order you can vamoose. Call at 
TOPPAN & CO’S, 15 State street."

Newburyport was a major port in the triangular trade of molasses, rum, and slaves, and many residents would have business ties with and reason to travel to the South.

There are references to "Dixey's Land," referring to the children's game, going back to the 1840s, but I don't know of any earlier geographic ones.

A full write-up is at: https://www.wordorigins.org/big-list-entries/dixie

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