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OED SF Project has Oct 1937; not in the OED

The OED SF Project definition is simply "fanzine".  The cites provided below mean something more like "magazine for fans", which would also capture several of the OED SF cites.

1928 _Variety_ 22 Feb 4/3 [lantern.mediahist.org]

"Fan Mags May Lose Studio Standing" [headline]

1929 _Variety_ 20 Feb 7/4 [lantern.mediahist.org]

"He had just finished researching into the perfumes-stars-use request from a high brow fan mag."

1934 _Rochester [NY] Democrat and Chronicle_ 9 Jul 11/5 [ProQuest Historical Newspapers]

"I'm not a fanmag writer, and I didn't ask him those two questions, so Laughton chatted on for an hour about his likes, dislikes and his career."

1937 _Variety_ 14 July 8/4 [lantern.mediahist.org]

"First move by a fanmag editor to combat competish by radio gossipers was launched last week by John LeRoy Johnston, Fawcett's western manager, who edicted that all stories written for the mags on assignment must be guaranteed exclusive for 90 days."

[Note also the verb usage of "edict".  OED has this sense as "obsolete" with a single citation from 1652, so this is a pretty big postdating.]


OED SF Project has 1948; not in OED

1901 Chicago IL _Inter Ocean_  28 Jul  19/1 [newspapers.com]
"The week just ended was full of excitement for the local fans, who are beginning to enjoy life in real fannish fashion."

1915 _Motography_ 5 Jun 922/1 [lantern.mediahist.org]
"But we have not observed, and do not believe, the sane and normal picture show visitor, however 'fannish' he may be, ever loses his identity or sense of time and place in an excess of emotional concentration."

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