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OED SF Project has 1988; not in OED

1955 Algis Budrys, "The Strange Room" _Fantastic Universe_ Jan 70/1 [Internet Archive]
"'I can prove it,' the xenolinguist said, still softly."

zap gun
OED SF Project has 1954; OED has 1969

1934 _Pittsburgh [PA] Post-Gazette_ 25 Oct 3/2 [newspapers.com]
"Buck Rogers Zap Gun  50¢" [advertisement]

1935 _Hartford [CT] Courant_ 24 Dec 12/4  [newspapers.com]
"To be sure, one of the more popular numbers this year is what seems to be called the zap gun or disintegrator."
1951 _Planet Stories_ Mar 39/2 [Internet Archive]
"Mounting my worple (Gruzlaks are out of fashion), and slinging my Zap-gun across my muscular, sunbrozed shoulders, I gallop off into the purple dusk."

OED SF Project has 1952; OED has 1950
1940 _Detroit [MI] Free Press Magazine_ 9 Jun 6/1 [newspapers.com]
"'Recovery,' he said, 'occurred in a few seconds following or during a return to zero G (the level) and beyond a brief period of apparent bewilderment, no other effects were noted.' "

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