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Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue May 26 20:18:01 UTC 2020

from A Word a Day


(HOM-uh-feen) [https://ecp.yusercontent.com/mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwordsmith.org%2Fwords%2Fimages%2Fsound-icon.png&t=1590523205&ymreqid=c4dc0a6e-30ad-4309-1c15-c8008f012b00&sig=vN8TEVgRq7uGjaaB6cjcow--~C] <https://wordsmith.org/words/homophene.mp3>

noun: A word or phrase that, when spoken, appears to be the same as a different word or phrase on a person’s lips, for example my and pie.

So the movement of the mouth for one spoken phrase "looks" like another spoken phrase.  Note that an animator is using the truespel phonetics converter for this purpose because the phonemes are essy to recognize in regular letters.  There are about 10 mouth movements for the 40 phonemes I believe.

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