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Thanks. There seems to be a huge gap in the coverage of this phrase.

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Though I am not aware of a digital version, which indeed might give the
quote from "On Whales and Little Fishes" reprinted, though "revised," in
1841, Short Patent Sermons, Dow Jr. It may be worth noting that another
serial periodical, The Weekly pacquet of advice from Rome, or, The history
of popery. Henry Care, 1678-1680 was reprinted in 1682.
The history of popery, or, Pacquet of advice from Rome :
the fourth volume containing the lives of eighteen popes and the most
remarkable occurrences in the church, for near one hundred and fifty years,
viz. from the beginning of Wickliff's preaching, to the first appearance of
Martin Luther, intermixt with several large polemical discourses, as whether
the present Church of Rome be to be accounted a Church of Christ, whether
any Protestant may be present at Mass and other important subjects :
together with continued courants, or innocent reflections weekly on the
distempers of the times.
Henry Care, London 1682--which has been noted for this before.
>From page 215 at Early English Books Online:
Damme, concludes the fourth man, that story of Godfrey's being Killed at
Sommerset-house was all Bubble; why the Divel should the Papists meddle with
him? the three poor fellows were meerly sworn out of their Lives, and so
were all the rest; that noise of a Popish Plot was nothing in the world but
an intrigue of the Whigs to destroy the Kings best Friends, and the Devil
fetch me to Hell in a Hand basket, if I might have my will, there should not
be one Fanatical Dog left alive in the three Kingdoms.

Stephen Goranson

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Does anyone know if the New York Sunday Mercury has been digitized, and if
so, where it might be found? I can't find it in any of the usual databases.

It's a rather important paper (the first to publish Mark Twain, the first to
cover baseball), so I'm a bit surprised that I can't find it.

In particular, I suspect that it contains a pre-1841 antedating of "hell in
a handbasket/handcart."

--Dave Wilton

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