[Ads-l] Transparent pie

Mark Mandel markamandel at GMAIL.COM
Mon Nov 30 13:10:28 UTC 2020

Sorry, I don't remember where I say w this on the web, a month ago or more:
When traveling in southern US, I asked about which pie was on the menu at a
little diner.
"Transparent pie, honey"
I tried to imagine a transparent pie. Could only the server see it? Maybe
it has transparent calories? But finally I had to ask the waitress.
"Why its transparent pie, hon!"
Being dense, I needed a clearer understanding and asked once more..
"Just like peekan pie without the peekans!"

I have to wonder at the eye dialect spelling "peekans". Maybe the writer
was only familiar with /pə'kænz/.

Mark A. Mandel

The American Dialect Society - http://www.americandialect.org

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