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Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 4 12:21:11 UTC 2020

Quora.com today:

"If so, bon voyage, big Don. It's been a slice."

I had a friend in grad school in 1974, who used to take his leave by
saying, "So long! it's been a slice!"  He was from Newburgh, N.Y.

When I asked him why a "slice," he said it was short for "a slice of life."

Volume III of HDAS was to include this. (Not in OED.)   Google Books
affords a number of exx. beginning tardily in the 1990s

FWIW, a song called "It's Been a Slice of Heaven," by Dave Bass, was
published in 1966.  "Slice of heaven" sounds to me like a more probable
allusion for a wry exit line than "slice of life" .


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