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Cyclist - January 1878, although not clear what is meant.  Appears to be 
a mechanic of some kind, using the name "Cyclist" in a classified ad.

English Mechanic and World of Science, Number 669, January 18, 1878, 
page 466. HathiTrust.

"Wanted, Hydrometer for Testing Gasoline . . . - 'Cyclist,' Thorner, nr. 

April 1878, unambiguous.

London Bicycle Club Gazette, Volume 1, Number 2, April 5, 1878, page 7. 

"The insignificant exit from Crawley on the Horsham road has puzzled 
many riders.  It is just above the 'George,' and care must be taken to 
keep to the left, or else the heedless 'cyclist will in time find 
himself at Rusper and Betchworth."

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>Cyclist - 1878.
>The term seems to have originated in England.  The earliest couple examples (this one and Fred Shapiro's of September of 1879) are both from England.  The earliest two American examples I've seen are references to an English cyclist visiting Boston and to an English cycling periodical called, "Cyclist," in November 1879.
>Jackson's Oxford Journal, Oxford, Oxfordshire, June 29, 1878, page 7. Newspapers.com
>"Returning to the King's Arms, the 'cyclists sat down to a substantial knife and fork tea . . . ."
>The Boston Globe, November 8, 1879, page 2.
>"'Billy' Cann, the Englishman, as he is called by his good-natured master, Mr. Harry Etherington, is just such another geneal and warm-hearted 'cyclist. . . ."
>The Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts), November 11, 1879, page 2.
>"There is in London a whole literature of bicycling; not only the 'Bicycling Times,' . . . but the 'Bicycling News' and the 'Bicycle Journal' . . . and the 'Bicycle' and 'Bicycle Annual' for yearly gift books, while a new weekly paper, the 'Cyclist,' is announced, to still further till the field."
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>>cyclist (OED 1882)
>>1879 _Bell's Life_ 20 Sept. 9 (19th Century U.K. Periodicals)  In all proba=
>>bility the open run will take place the first Saturday in October, when gen=
>>tlemen members of other clubs, and especially 'cyclists, will be welcome.
>>1881 _Bell's Life_ 5 Feb. 12 (19th Century U.K. Periodicals)  THE WHEELMAN'=
>>S YEAR BOOK contains a fund of information intended for the use and instruc=
>>tion of cyclists in every branch of their favourite pursuit.
>>Fred Shapiro
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