[Ads-l] Slumgullion 1853, 1856

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Just reporting appearances; no etymology proposal here.

April 15, 1853, New London Daily Star [CT; America's Historical Newspapers, Readex] 2/2.
Slumgullion Bar is the last name that has been concocted for a mining locality in California. Although very near, it does not come up to "Ground Hog Glory." The latter carries the banner yet.--Exchange.

Feb. 17, 1856, The Golden Era [San Francisco; AHN] 4/5.
Shakespeare is pretty cute on the subject of poetry, and you will recollect that place where he fills up a big cauldron with eyes of hogs, hog tails, alligator snouts, bark of the yew tree, and I think he had have made a better decoction if he had put in about a mule's ear full of slumgullion, a California lawyer and four politicians.

S. Goranson

my typo previously: should be Irving Bacheller

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