[Ads-l] Further Antedating of the Term "Gay"

Shapiro, Fred fred.shapiro at YALE.EDU
Tue Oct 13 01:15:10 UTC 2020

I have previously traced the term "gay," meaning homosexual, back to 1934, and that 1934 citation is now included in the OED as their earliest citation for the term.  Now I notice the following citation:

1931 _Broadway Brevities_ 2 Nov. in Hugh Ryan _When Brooklyn Was Queer_ (2019) 156   (heading) Third Sex Plague Spreads Anew ! Sissies Permeate Sublime Social Strata as Film Stars and Broadwayites Go Gay ... Brooklyn Navy Yard Center of Flagrant Camping for Gobs and Society Slummers.

I have not seen the _Broadway Brevities_ article itself.  I am aware that "to go gay" can have sexual meanings other than referring to homosexuality -- _Green's Dictionary of Slang_ has entries for it in the meaning "to commit adultery" and in the meaning "to pursue a career as a prostitute."  But the citation above seems to be clearly referring to homosexuality and the adultery and prostitution meanings do not seem applicable.

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