[Ads-l] ***UNCHECKED*** "High Jacks" Dec. 1915

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Wed Oct 21 10:13:09 UTC 2020

[Headline:] Are ‘High Jacks’ at Work near Hibbing?
[Subhead:] New Species of Lawbreaker Suspected of Holding up Bootleggers on Range.
[text starts, my ellipses:] Hibbing, Dec. 25.—Have “High Jacks” made their appearance in the western Mesaba Indian treaty territory? Federal Indian agents…are wondering and preparing, for the “High Jacks” are active in other treaty territory.
The “High Jacks”” are fake agents who hold up caravans of contraband liquor…”high jacking” has been very successful, owing to usual nervousness of bootleggers….
Duluth News-Tribune [Minn.; AmHistN] Dec. 26, 1915 5/3. (slight antedating; previously Dec. 31)

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