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Website: Architectural Digest
Title: "Zoom Towns" Are Booming
Subtitle: The pandemic is turning vacation destinations into real
estate hot spots--especially out West
Author: Tim Nelson
Date: October 20, 2020

[Begin excerpt]
Unburdened from the need to commute to a major metropolitan area, many
urban professionals are deciding to leave cities altogether. While
nearby suburbs are still as popular as ever (maybe even more so), a
lot of people working remotely are deciding that they might as well
pack up and move out West.

Already dubbed “Zoom towns,” gateway communities all over the country
are increasingly attracting more new full-time residents than these
typically small towns may be able to handle. From Martha’s Vineyard to
Butte, Montana, and everywhere in between, small communities located
near major attractions like ski slopes, lakes, and national parks are
finding themselves experiencing a deluge of new residents in search of
a permanent vacation.
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Periodical: Email newsletter: Why is this interesting?
Date: October 21, 2020
Note from guest: Ryan McManus, Design Strategy Director at D-Ford

[Begin excerpt]
Already outlets like Bloomberg and The Verge are reporting a talent
exodus from Silicon Valley, where a highly restricted housing market
and astronomical rents/home prices make the tradeoff of living
physically near your employer the most tenuous. In other places,
so-called “zoom towns” are popping up near recreational areas.
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