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Email sent from Winn Dixie supermarket and received by me on September 11, 2020.

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While there isn’t a vaccine for COVID-19 (yet!), there is one for
influenza. Health care experts are pushing the importance of flu shots
this year in fear of what they are calling a "twindemic".
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On July 2, 2020  @Alt_NASA asked about a term for simultaneous
pandemics. @MaydNMerica answered with "twindemic". The tweet named two
virus related terms: H1N1 and Covid-19. But the terminology was a
little mixed up. H1N1 is an influenza A virus subtype. Covid-19 is a
viral disease.

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What's the term for simultaneous pandemics?
7:37 PM · Jul 2, 2020·Twitter for Android
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DangerDangerDanger @MaydNMerica
Replying to @Alt_NASA
H1N1 & Covid-19=twindemic
7:54 PM · Jul 2, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
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There are some earlier tweets with twindemic, but the sense seems to
be different.

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Dr. Lauren Drogos @LDrogosPhD
Should I use #Twindemic2019 as a hashtag?
@HubsPhD HELP!
6:16 PM · Dec 6, 2018·Twitter Web Client
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Erik Carlson @HubsPhD
Replying to @LDrogosPhD
Twindemic sounds like a plague of twins....
6:27 PM · Dec 6, 2018·Twitter for Android
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