[Ads-l] Snow-globing, the good, the bad and the ugly

Andy Bach afbach at GMAIL.COM
Mon Apr 5 16:01:04 UTC 2021

Appears to have been a term coined by the mag. "Cosmo" (can a mag. be
claimed to have coined a term?) in 2019, the bad meaning is that winter and
Xmas generate good feelings and partners become lovey-dovey, but when
January hits, that goes away with a bang, like a broken snow-globe.  Today,
though, I saw a good, I think, usage:
An Interview with Amir Majidimehr of Audio Science Review — I interviewed
the most interesting guy in the entire audiophile world right now, Amir
Majidimehr. He runs the Audio Science Review forum and YouTube channel and
is absolutely _snow-globing_ the entire hobby by introducing measurement
into the conversation. If you're into audio, it's a must-listen.

The ugly, of course, is on Urban Dictionary.


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