[Ads-l] Antedating of An Elephant Never Forgets

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I found this one from 1849


It is said that when they have been once attacked by men , or have 
fallen into a snare , they never forget it , and seek for revenge on all 

I also found a  couple of others of dubious date, allegedly written in 
the 18th century, but not published until a lot later.


When I was in England in 1771, I went to see the elephants ...
The Keeper said that I had greatly displeased the elephant and  that he 
would never forget.

Some recollections of one Mr Corse, some anecdotes including:
Mr Corse also gives an account, from satisfactory evidence of another 
old elephant, which being caught in  1765, turned loose again in 1767, 
and retaken, again, in 1782,  recollected, after a lapse of fifteen 
years, the habits of her former servitude.

Same book notes that
  Pliny relates that elephants in their old age have recognised men who 
were their drivers when young.  [Hist. Nat. viii 5)

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