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What is currently known about the origin of Cotton-pickin(g) as a term?

Etymology Online says:


as a deprecatory term first recorded in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, but a 
similar noun cotton-picker meaning "contemptible person" dates to around 
1919, perhaps with racist overtones that have faded over the years. 
Before mechanization, cotton picking was the most difficult labor on a 

I've seen the Bugs Bunny claim all over the internet. The specific 
cartoon isn't identified.

But I've found two examples from 20+ years before Bugs. Is this an 



"You cotton-pickin chicken stealer " he howls.

Short story : Cutey and The Beast
The American Magazine
May 1917



"You cotton-pickin', stump-jumpin', ridge-runnin', moon- shiner"

Article: Hoo's Hoo Column and Hoo said it.
History of Company A : 307th Engineer Regiment.

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