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Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> A New Orleans resident tells a CNN reporter that when a tree on her
> property went over in the hurricane, she "heard a magnanimous crash."
> 'Massive, gigantic, enormous.'

In 2010 the phrase "magnanimous sound" was used to describe an ear
piercing sound.

Year: 2010
Book Title: The Outpouring: The Misfits
Author: Shante F. Green
Quote Page 27
Database: Google Books

[Begin excerpt]
As suddenly as the silence came, there is an ear piercing sound that
fills the entire atmosphere. The nature of the sound is like the
barrier of sound being broken, accompanied with a magnanimous sound of
thunder. The blast is sustained for over the span of around a minute
continuously. As this sound is coming forth the earth begins to shake
as before, leaving every soul speechless and some gasping for breath.
[End excerpt]

Robert Louis Stevenson included the phrase "magnanimous sound" in a
poem although I am not really sure what he intended.

Year: 1922
Title: The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson: New Poems
Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons, New York
Quote Page 535
Database: Google Books


[Begin excerpt]
Voice of the wind makes a magnanimous sound.
Here too, no doubt, the shouting doves abound
To be a dainty; here in the twilight stream
That brawls adown the forest, frequent gleam
The jewel-eyes of crawfish. These be good:
Grant them! and can the thing be understood?
[End excerpt]


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