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Harris used "Boogaloo" as his stage-name back in 1956: "Boogaloo and his
Gallant Crew."
Circa 1965, there was a dance called the "boogaloo," followed quickly by
the "Latin boogaloo" or
"el bugalú."

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> https://news.yahoo.com/downtown-dc-burns-after-another-night-of-protests-and-provocation-near-the-white-house-121746636.html
> "Yahoo News spotted a white man in Lafayette Park wearing a mask, a large
> tactical backpack and a Hawaiian shirt, which has become a symbol of
> right-wing accelerationists
> <
> https://www.economist.com/united-states/2020/05/23/why-some-protesters-in-america-wear-hawaiian-shirts
> >
> who
> hope to spark a race war they have termed the 'Boogaloo'."
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