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Thu Jan 7 14:45:08 UTC 2021

In an article on Forbes.com
<quote>During remarks at the “Save America March” on Wednesday, Trump said he wants to “primary the hell out of the ones” who do not object to the Electoral College.“Any senator or any congressmen — meaning on this side — that does not fight tomorrow, I'm telling you, their political career is over,” Eric Trump told Fox News on Tuesday night, promising any Republican who does not object to the results “will get primaried." <end quote>
I saw this on at least one other on-line news article.
In an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about quarterback Carson Wentz being a "diva"
Marcus Hayes "This diva needs to grow up" page C1 right-hand column jump to page C4 column 2
<quote>Mariah, Beyonce, and Madonna have more than 30 Grammy Awards, and even they don't diva like this."  '<end quote>
about the saying "my memory isn't what it used to be, even if it ever was", used in yesterday's ADS List, didn't anyone notice that saying is an Irish bull, "an apparently logical but actually illogical saying"?
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