[Ads-l] An unlisted eggcorn (not in ecdb)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Jan 31 01:55:20 UTC 2021

“Smoke scream”.  Encountered tonight on Quora (in a post by an election conspiracy theorist) and checked by Googling to find a few other instances showing up, e.g.

Well the president [Obama] can't take our guns it's a smoke scream for voting in Shari law and if that happens women can be beat can't work can't vote can't drive

This was a smoke scream to cover his butt. [referring to Barr’s allegedly keeping the probe of Hunter Biden]

Hundreds priests hidden by the pope for pedos, sick, all be proven, nothing out of vatican city should be listened too, the virus was a smoke scream, destruction to destroy us and rebuild their NWO, i dont not comply, mandating vaccines, go near my kids and i will do my duty as a parent,

Could the fire be only a smoke scream for murder? That's what the police think when a body is found in the debris.

(I’m assuming it’s an eggcorn, i.e. a psychologically motivated reanalysis, rather than a simple malapropism or what Arnold has called a pail [from “beyond the pail”], but I won’t try to argue the point here.)


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