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Bill Mullins amcombill at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 1 23:22:28 UTC 2021

1997 St. Joseph MI _Herald Palladium_ Jun 3 2B/2
"Though both have taught college-level electronics courses, most of what they know about the field came from a discipline they call "ghetto engineering." "

2002 _Kansas State Collegian_ Oct. 17 4/6
"Ghetto-rigged? Might as well say "African-engineered.""

2003 St. Peterburg FL _Tampa Bay Times_ Mar. 6 14A/3
"There's ghetto change, paying for gas only with quarters, and ghetto-rigged, such as repairing glasses with tape."

2003 _Rose Thorn_ Sep. 19 5/1 [Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, IN]
"The secret to getting the most out of your equipment is to go through a process I like to call ghetto-rigging."

2014 _Climbing_ Apr.  38/3
"Instead of using my ghetto-rigged homemade stiffie, all of these draws have built-in rigidity."

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