[Ads-l] "false-flag job" (1979)

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Tue Mar 16 20:48:41 UTC 2021

1966 _Globe and Mail_ Jun 10 1/5 [ProQuest]
"A false flag agent is one who is hired in the belief that he is spying on behalf of country A when actually his employers represent country B."

[The same article/cite/quotation can be found:
1966 _New York Times_ Jun 10 20/5 ]

> OED3, in a 2018 update, added an entry for "false flag," with sense 2
> defined as:
> "Chiefly attributive. An event or action (typically political or military
> in nature) secretly orchestrated by someone other than the person or
> organization that appears to be responsible for it. Frequently in 'false
> flag operation.'"
> Earlier still, in 1979 Noel Hynds published a spy thriller called "False
> Flags," which includes several references to "false-flag jobs" (as well as
> "false-flag cover"):

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