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1892: OED (undefined, lone citation).

'The ideal of being a warrior; the absolute determination of a warrior.'

1858 _N.Y. Herald_  (Feb. 27) 1: Whether the weather grew cold, and with it
his patriotism and warriorism, is not to be said.

1862 Donald Campbell _A Treatise on the Language, Poetry, and Music of the
Highland Clans_ (Edinburgh: D. R. Collie) 157:  Ann an gaisge, 's an cial
  Warriorism, wisdom.

1954 Louis Schram _ The Monguors of the Kansu-Tibetan Frontier_
(Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society) 16:  What they really
reflect is something that might be called "warriorism" - the Orkhon Turks
must be valiant warriors, they must be true to their chiefs, they must not
succumb to Chinese luxury and softness.

1969 Vine Deloria _Custer  Died for Your Sins_ (rpt. N.Y.: Avon, 1970) 96: The
logical conclusion of this rampage of "warriorism" was the creation of a
type of education which claimed to make "modern Indians” out of these

2018 Anthony Swofford, in_N.Y. Times Magazine_ (April 18)
handed us a romantic idea of what masculinity and warriorism looked like:
Self-sacrifice, mission before man, victory at all costs.

Not to be confused with "Cold-Warriorism" (not in OED).


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