[Ads-l] Request help accessing Ottawa Citizen in 1882 to check Oscar Wilde quotation

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I didn't find this in the Duke U version of ProQuest.
But via Dissertations, Kevin O'Brien, An Edition of Oscar Wilde's American Lectures, PhD Notre Dame 1973 gives

"Oscar Wilde on Decorative Art," Daily News (Kingston Ont.) May 23, 1882

"Art Decoration," Toronto Daily Mail, May 26, 1882

for this quotation.

Stephen G
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Subject: Request help accessing Ottawa Citizen in 1882 to check Oscar Wilde quotation

There is supposed to be an article in the "Ottawa Citizen" about a
speech delivered by Oscar Wilde while he was in Ottawa in 1882.
Further below is an excerpt from a journal article about this topic.
The footnote within the journal article states that the news report in
the "Ottawa Citizen" appeared on May 17, 1882 and was titled "Oscar
Wilde - Lecture in the Grand Opera House".

The ProQuest database for "Ottawa Citizen" has coverage from 1845 to
2010. If you have access to this database would you be willing to
search for some distinctive phrases such as "Wilde goes too far when",
"No one has a right to pollute", "should leave them to our children"
and download the PDF for me?

Here is the excerpt from the journal article:

[Begin excerpt from Nov. 2016 article by Randy Boswell in Social History]
“This is an outrage,” Wilde exclaimed. “No one has a right to pollute
the air and water, which are the common inheritance of all; we should
leave them to our children as we have received them.” The Ottawa
Citizen responded the next day with an acknowledgement that the
sawdust problem “has long been admitted,” and that smoke-filled skies
“might also be a pity,” but insisted that “Mr. Wilde goes too far when
he advocates that no man should be allowed to carry on a business
which produces either of these results.”
[End excerpt from article by Randy Boswell in Social History]

[Begin footnote from article by Randy Boswell]
“Oscar Wilde—Lecture in the Grand Opera House,” Ottawa Citizen, May
17, 1882, p. 1. Kevin O’Brien, Oscar Wilde in Canada: An Apostle for
the Arts, Toronto: Personal Library Publishers, 1982, p. 79.
[End footnote from article by Randy Boswell]

Garson O'Toole

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