[Ads-l] comparing US and UK accents for 25 words in truespel phonetics.

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Mon May 17 19:48:36 UTC 2021

"Siks" for "Sixth" in the UK?  I think the -th is pretty clear in most British accents/dialects, though there may be some where it still comes out as a -t.  Curious about where it drops out altogether.
I have a few problems with the examples as provided - there seems to be no account taken of the hundreds of potential "British" accents (and the many US variants, for that matter), and there's also no indication of which syllable is stressed in each case, so it's not really a handy guide to pronunciation.
The -aa- in the "UK" "Finnaaminin" also looks very American to me.  Most Brits would use an open o rather than an 'ah' in the second syllable.  And is the "oo" in "kumftibool" meant to represent a schwa?  
There isn't time to comb the whole list - those are just a few things that jumped out.

Martin NZ (ex Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)

    On Monday, May 17, 2021, 02:08:03 PM GMT+12, Tom Zurinskas <truespel at hotmail.com> wrote:  
 A truespel comparison of 25 hard-to-say words found that 20 of the 25 words were different between US and UK accents.  Only 13% of the phonemes were different, 68% of the difference was vowels.

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