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OED3 (June 2015 revision) has "hard bop" under its entry for "hard" with an
earliest cite date of June 1957. Here are several cites from 1956, mostly
in attributive use.

Down Beat, June 27, 1956, p. 19, col. 3
Art Farmer and Gigi Gryce head one of the more individualized
unpretentiously inventive of modern small combos. Their solos and those of
pianist Duke Jordan are in the direct hard-bop tradition, but melded with
this fire is a concern for new, challenging, often lyric thematic material
and flexible structural devices.
Down Beat, July 25, 1956, p. 24, col. 1
Billy Mitchell plays a hard-bop tenor that also has, however, an emotional
fullness and a big beat.
San Francisco Examiner, Dec. 9, 1956, Modern Living, p. 18, col. 1
"DISCognizant" by C.H. Garrigues
HARD BOP: Charlie Parker's Sextet (Roost); Twelve old Dial masters from
Parker's best period; Joe Eardley' Seven (Prestige): A sleeper,
historically late but technically and emotionally much akin to Parker's
San Francisco Examiner, Dec. 30, 1956, Modern Living, p. 6, col. 1
"DISCognizant" by C.H. Garrigues
We on the Pacific coast have been, justifiably, entranced with the new,
soft school of jazz emanating from the Lighthouse and from Brubeck; our
knowledge of contemporary jazz has been centered largely on representatives
of the "hard bop" school (excluding, of course, the Modern Jazz Quartet).
It is time we paid more attention to Mingus.


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