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"he last slang phrase in the piece, which caused me to blush out loud"
The context is <begin quote>
I'm also sharing an example of an odd "a big megillah" from 1952, though I
don't think its meaning is explained correctly. (As a matter of fact, I'm
also unsure about the meaning of the last slang phrase in the piece, whichcaused me to blush out loud when I first saw it, but then I recognized thatthe meaning may have to do with what the OED defines as "[a] foolish,
incompetent, or contemptible person.")

To the lexicography of TV, Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, packagers
extraordinaire of CBS-TV's "It's News to Me," and "What's My Line" have
included such mysterious coinage as: "A big megillah," which is TV argot
for snafu; "The show's a bomb" (flop); "Everything's Tom" (things are
unsatisfactory), and "Let's try a new Schlongg" (trick or stunt).

<end quote>

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