[Ads-l] Possible substitution error: thousands of kilograms of electricity

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM
Sat May 29 17:38:24 UTC 2021

A news report in Australia reported on a story that occurred in
England. The report employed the strange phrase "thousands of
kilograms of electricity". A twitter user suggested that some editor
blinded replaced "pounds (currency)" with "kilograms (mass)".

Timestamp: May 29, 2021 at 2:05PM
Website: news.com.au
Article: Police find giant bitcoin ‘mine’ during warehouse drug raid
Subtitle of Article: Police expected to find a cannabis factory after
being tipped off to suspicious activity, instead they discovered a
huge tech scam.
Author: Hana Carter (The Sun)

[Begin excerpt]
Police were stunned to find a bitcoin “mine” stealing thousands of
kilograms of electricity during a suspected warehouse drug raid.

Officers in the West Midlands, UK, thought they were about to bust a
cannabis farm – but were met with the advanced tech scam instead.
Cryptocurrencies have to be “mined” in order to be created, which
involves solving increasingly complex mathematical puzzles – requiring
more and more powerful computers and significantly more energy.
[End excerpt]


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