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"Blindsight" is also the name of an album of songs by filker Blake
Hodgetts. Filk music is pretty much the folk music of the science fiction
and fantasy fan community:

   - https://slipsong.com/blindsight.html (his website)
   Blindsight is a studio recording featuring 15 of my original songs in a
   variety of styles, from full rock arrangments to a cappella vocals.
   - https://genius.com/albums/Blake-hodgetts/Blindsight
   Blindsight was Blake Hodgetts' first studio album. It featured guest
   performances by Tony Fabris, Callie Hills, Laura Zaerr, and Angelica Sather
   Hodgetts. All of the songs have original lyrics. “One Filker’s Week” is a
   parody of the Barenaked Ladies' “One Week”. “The Star Trek Next Generation
   Episode Guide”’s chorus is based on the theme music for the TV show. “The
   Inner Light” is based on the flute theme from the Star Trek Next Generation
   episode of the same name, written by Jay Chattaway.
   - http://www.dnaco.net/~mobrien/filk/fandom/funny/filkfaq.html
   (Lyrics of a humorous filk song about filk.)

Mark A. Mandel
"The Filker With No Nickname"

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> > New to me though it seems to have been in use as a “pun” before.
> Another case in point on this: _Blindsighted_, a police procedural/crime
> thriller from 2005 by Karin Slaughter featuring a blind character who
> [spoiler alert…
> *...*

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