[Ads-l] Words: skimpflation and shrinkflation

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The terms skimpflation and shrinkflation refer to types of inflation

Website: NPR
Article title: Meet skimpflation: A reason inflation is worse than the
government says it is
Article author: Greg Rosalsky
Date on website: October 26, 2021
Accessed npr.org on Ocotber 31, 2021


[Begin excerpt]
The economywide decline in service quality that we're now seeing is
something different, and it doesn't have a good name. It's a situation
where we're paying the same or more for services, but they kinda suck
compared with what they used to be. We propose a new word to describe
this stealth-ninja kind of inflation: skimpflation. It's when, instead
of simply raising prices, companies skimp on the goods and services
they provide.
[End excerpt]

[Begin excerpt]
. . . shrinkflation. That's when the price of stuff stays the same,
but the amount you get goes down.
[End excerpt]


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