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It does seem to be a retronym, but probably not a bugle.
Googling seems to indicate a "blow horn" is any horn-shaped advice through which a person blows air to make a sound. It can include anything from a megaphone to a brass instrument. It may or may not include compressed-air horns, depending on how persnickety one is about the definition. In this case, I'm thinking it was more likely something like a vuvuzela or air horn rather than a bugle, which takes some skill to use. (Plus, if it had been a bugle and the reporter didn't know what that was, they probably would have called it a "trumpet.")
"Blow horn" would definitely not include something like an automobile horn or a device that electronically vibrates the air to create sound. Which is why it would seem to be a retronym.
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"At the scene, Mohammed stood guard with Afghan Army soldiers on one side
of the helicopter, according to the Journal, and used a blow horn to shoo
off spectators."

A bugle?


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