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Back on August 15, 2021 I requested some help to trace the quotation
in the subject line. Now a Quote Investigator article is available.


[Begin acknowledgment]
Great thanks to James C. Coyne and Andrew Munro whose inquiries led QI
to formulate this question and perform this exploration. Many thanks
to Barbara Schmidt for sharing information about her careful
exploration of this topic. She told QI about the “Los Angeles Times”
citation. She also supplied helpful scans from her copy of “When Huck
Finn Went Highbrow”. Additional thanks to Kevin Mac Donnell of Mac
Donnell Rare Books who supplied a key scan of the facsimile letter.
Special thanks to S. M. Colowick for pointing to the 1978 scholarly
article about Twain’s interest in Robert Browning’s poems.
[End acknowledgment]

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