[Ads-l] "This town ain't big enough for the both of us."

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1868 _Carson City Daily Appeal_ (Nov. 21) 2:  Goodman was standing cse to
the door, and Waterman at a faro table. Waterman called Goodman "a  ----
----son of a b---h." Goodman merely said, "I am willing to drop this matter
and have nothing more to do with you. This town is big enough for both of

1871 _Alpena [Mich.] Weekly Argus_ (Apr. 22) 2: But look here, Jack Moore,
arm yourself. The world is not big enough for both of us.

1896 _Chicago Daily News_ (Apr. 27) 1:  "Then Texas is not big enough for
both of us," he cried, whipping out his gun at the same time.

1898 Herbert E. Hamblen _Tom Benton's Luck_  52: Portland ain't big enough
to hold us both.

1900 _Saturday Evening Post_ (Jan. 20) (N.Y.: Macmillan) 636: The world
ain't big enough for both of us.

1903 _Meriden  {Conn.] Daily Journal_ (Apr. 16) 10: "I'm afraid sir, this
town isn't big enough to hold both of us." ..."Hm - why don't you start a
suburb?" \
-- Tit-Bits.

1913 _Kansas City Star_  (Dec. 11) 7B:  "This town ain't big enough for
both of us" said Dakota.


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