[Ads-l] OED Quarterly updates, part 2

Bill Mullins amcombill at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Sep 16 03:53:16 UTC 2021

One of the areas of interest in the quarterly updates is Korea-based terms.  "Chisanbop" (also spelled "chisenbop") does not yet have an entry in the OED.

1977 NY Daily News 23 Oct. W1/1
The youngsters are learning Chisanbop, a manipulative method of math devised in Korea which, transliterated from Korean, means "finger calculation method."

1978 Good Housekeeping Aug. 221/2
In the Chisanbop method, numerical values are assigned to the fingers and thumb of each hand.

1984 Greensboro NC Greensboro Record 2 Feb.  D1/2
Chisenbop is an oriental technique of finger calculation.

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