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OED doesn't seem to have an entry for "pitmaster", one who excels at barbecueing.

1948 South Gate [CA] Press 6 Sept. 3/1

Wouldn't it help to know someone was attending to such tasks as table do-er, pit-master, bar tender, salad assembler, table undo-er, swamper, swamper's assistant, stoker, ice man, and passer?


1951 St. Petersburg FL Tampa Bay Times 27 Sep. 5/3

Pitmaster Kersey, famed for his fish and hush puppies, served about 250 law enforcement officers, their wives and children.


1959 Chicago IL Bridgeport News 17 Jun 5/3 (advt)

Solan's Pitmaster Barbeque Ribs


1986 Fort Worth Star-Telegram Neighborhood Extra 8 Jan.  9/4 (advt)

Make a point to stop by and meet Ed, and the inimitable, irrepressible pitmaster extraordinaire "Stormin Norman" Miller, and the rest of the gang.

1994 Chicago Tribune 21 Jul. H3A/4

Many see each other at other contests throughout the year and become friends, according to Jim Burns, owner of King James Barbecue and "pitmaster" for the competition.

2015 The New Yorker 2 Nov 41/3

Since it cooks its barbecue exclusively with wood-its former pitmaster was Ed Mitchell, one of the legends
of North Carolina barbecue-The Pit is certified by the Campaign for Real Barbecue.


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