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I wrote about the ascent of "based" back in 2017:

Interesting to know that there are based/cringe polls! Thanks for expanding
my knowledge, um, base.

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On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 7:09 PM Geoffrey Nathan <geoffnathan at wayne.edu>

> Two adjectives that have become very widespread in the past six to eight
> months are ‘based’ and ‘cringe’, which seem to be antonyms.
> ‘Based’ means something like ‘I approve of this person’s opinions—they’re
> right’, while ‘cringe’ means the same person or idea is just so wrong it
> makes you cringe.
> I’ve seen polls with some opinion expressed and a multiple choice answer
> block that has two answers: ‘based’ and ‘cringe’. I have not seen this
> discussed here but it’s very common on FB pages I read.
> Some people seem to think it comes from a
> rapper Lil B dubbing himself "Lil B the Based God" and 4chan users
> referring to things as "based and redpilled."
> Thoughts?
> Geoff
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