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Three earlier examples, two from Cornell one from the University of Michigan, without the suggestion of its being related to a general prejudice against coeducation.  There are several other early examples that can be found on HathiTrust.

The Cornell Era, November 26, 1875, page 87 (HathiTrust).

“[H]e thrust his hand into his coat-tail pocket, as he wished to draw the attention of some passing “co-eds” with his pocket handkerchief.”

The Cornell Era, February 11, 1876, page 136.

“The University Magazine (Pa.) is one of the latest additions to college journalism.  It is a bright paper, but makes the mistake of publishing two articles on each of two different subjects – two on the marking system, and two on Angels (Philadelphia term for co-eds).”

An example from the University of Michigan in 1877 even seems be pro-coeducation.  The comment seems to call for President Eliot (the President of Harvard University, who was famously anti-coeducation) to “repent of his course.”

The Chronicle (University of Michigan), Volume 9, Number 1, page 12 (Hathitrust).

“We would suggest that a convention of co-eds be called, and a committee be appointed to wait on President Eliot, in regard to his pamphlet of last year.  If he doesn’t repent of his course, then our powers of observation go for naught.”

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coed (person) (OED 1893)

1880 Chicago Tribune 28 June 7/3 (Newspapers.com)  There was [at Cornell] q=
uite a clsas of lady graduates, who are styled by the other students "Co-Ed=
s," as there is a general prejudice against coeducation among the latter.

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