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Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> Rep. Madeleine Dean on _Deadline/White House_ Friday:
> My son Harry has an expression that I like. He says that 'People earn
> credibility in drops, and they pour it away in buckets.'"

This might be a recent proverb. Below are two matches.

I do not see a pertinent entry in: "The Dictionary of Modern
Proverbs", Proverbium Supplements 1 thru 3, Barry Popik's website.

Date: May 23, 2012
Newspaper: The Oregonian
Newspaper Location: Portland, Oregon
Section: Editorial
Article: Letter to the Editor
Author: Gregg Semler, Southwest Portland
Page number not specified
Database: NewsBank Access World News

[Begin excerpt]
Reputation is earned in drops and lost in buckets. Does Oregon want to
put its chips on exporting a toxic, outdated and unsustainable
commodity and lose its progressive reputation? Or does it want to
continue to implement policies that model a safer, healthier and more
secure economic future?
[End excerpt]

Date: February 20, 2014
Newspaper: USA Today
Newspaper Location: Arlington, Virginia
Publisher: Gannett Company
Article: Under Armour CEO says he learned tough business lessons
Author: Bruce Horovitz, (USA Today)
Quote Page ARC
Database: NewsBank Access World News

[Begin excerpt]
Perhaps no one on the planet knows the importance of brand image any
better than Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank. ...
"Brands are all about trust," says Plank. "That trust is built in
drops and lost in buckets. We felt we lost some of that trust with our
consumers last week."
[End excerpt]


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