[Ads-l] Source-Goal Confusion online

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Apr 27 15:19:31 UTC 2022

I can’t remember if I posted this one to the list, but it’s quite similar to Geoff's. And no, I can’t get it either.

from Fredrik Backman's "A Man Called Ove"

Every winter he drags down an old diesel generator that he swapped at a rummage sale for a gramophone.

Granted, that's more elegant than the alternative I'd need to use, viz. "that he swapped a gramophone for at a rummage sale", but Backman (or his translator's) version is still impossible for me. 

Clearly, the “substitute” reanalysis virus is catching (catching salmon, even), albeit moving in the opposite direction, maybe in keeping with Newton’s third law of motion.  

 Here’s a similar one source/goal inversion with “trade”, courtesy of Sally McConnell-Ginet, who writes:

I found myself stumbling on this sentence this am from historian Heather Cox Richardson’s daily Letter from an American.  As a regular reader I know she is not describing the Republicans as giving up power in order to defend freedom and yet … Is trade going down the substitute road?  Cox Richardson is probably in her 40s, maybe 50s.
That right wing appears to be dominating the United States these days as the Republican Party has traded power for defense of democracy.

> On Apr 27, 2022, at 9:44 AM, Geoffrey Nathan <geoffnathan at WAYNE.EDU> wrote:
> My Facebook feed is infested with an ad from the Wild Alaskan Company.
> Air-flown fresh-caught salmon. Their video boasts:
> 3 Easy Ways to Swap Red Meat for Seafood
> Which (in my dialect) is not what they're advertising.
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