[Ads-l] RIP, Allan Metcalf (1940-2022)

Salikoko Mufwene mufw at UCHICAGO.EDU
Fri Feb 25 02:57:16 UTC 2022

May Allan rest in peace! He was such a kind and humble person! I 
remember him best for his book /How We Talk: American Regional English 
Today/ (2000), about which he was interviewed by Milt Rosenberg in 
Chicago, on radio. Joan Hall and I were invited to join them and had a 
hilarious evening, as Rosenberg invited listeners to call without saying 
where they were calling from and the experts were asked to guess where 
the callers were from. (I'm sure I was invited just as a local linguist; 
not for any expertise I can claim on the subject matter.) We often 
failed to tell, for reasons that many of you on this list can imagine! 
But Allan found the experience as entertaining as the rest of us. A look 
at Amazon.com shows that he was more prolific than he ever led one to 

It was a real pleasure to know him,


On 2/24/2022 7:28 PM, Paul A Johnston wrote:
> Oh, so sorry to hear that!  i followed his work for years and used one of his books in my American Dialects classes.  R. I. P.  Allan.
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> Longtime ADS executive secretary Allan Metcalf passed away today at the age
> of 81. Originator of the society's Word of the Year, author of many
> wonderful books on words and their creation, and a great colleague and
> mentor, Allan will be sorely missed.
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