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Great collection of citations, Fred.

According to ProQuest there is an 1879 match for "speed skating"
within "The Field". The query string "speed skating" is in the
ProQuest index, but I do not have access to full page scans and cannot
see the context. Hence, this match should be verified with scans or

Date: December 6, 1879
Periodical: The Field
Periodical Location: Bath, England
Volume 54, Issue 1,406
Article: Skating in the Fens
Quote Page 783
Database: ProQuest

There is also a match dated January 24, 1880 on page 107 of "The
Field" according to ProQuest.

There is an article titled "SPEED SKATING" dated January 31, 1880 on
page 111 of "The Field" according to ProQuest. I cannot see the scan,
but this article title is strong evidence.

Jesse's remark about tiddlywinks alludes to:
"Confessions of the Antedater" by Fred R. Shapiro in the journal
"Dictionaries: Journal of the Dictionary Society of North America"


[Begin excerpt]
The author relates the story of how, beginning with the word
tiddly-winks, he became interested in "antedating" the earliest uses
of words and phrases documented by the Oxford English Dictionary and
then pursued this passion for forty years. His thousands of
antedatings included improving the historical record of many important
terms relating to sports and games, popular entertainment, American
slang, politics, law, linguistics, the social sciences, the natural
sciences, and other subjects.
[End excerpt]


On Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 5:05 PM Shapiro, Fred <fred.shapiro at yale.edu> wrote:
> speed skating (OED 1885)
> 1881 Nottinghamshire Guardian 18 Mar. 5/6 (Newspapers.com)  Until recently in the neighborhood of Nottingham speed-skating had been very little practised, figure-skating being preferred.
> Fred Shapiro
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