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>From an article "Tonight We Improvise! Creating Theatre On-The-Spot"

1984 Back Stage Aug 24 18A/3
"Yes, and . . . ": Take a statement made by your partner, agree to and add some information of your own to further the scene.

Say 'yes, and . . .', embellish, add, expand the scene.

>  ----
>  Here's "yes-and" as a verb in 1987.
>  https://archive.org/details/secondcitybacks00mccr/page/95/mode/1up
>  Donna McCrohan, _The Second City: a backstage history of comedy's hottest troupe_ (1987), p. 95
> "Basically, as a director," says Don DePollo, who has appeared on the
> Second City stage, conducted workshops, and directed, "you _yes-and_, which
> is a term we use. You have to yes-and the actors and let them do their own material."

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