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Laurence Horn  wrote:
> Reminds me of the old notice on TV shows that were "Recorded before a live
> studio audience". Although in this case, it's doubtful that anyone would
> have suspected canned audience applause.  (Maybe they could throw in some
> mistimed canned applause between movements just for verisimilitude.)

Sitcoms videotaped before a "live studio audience" sometimes sweetened
the soundtrack with canned laughter. For example: "All in the Family
was the first major American series to be videotaped in front of a
live studio audience" according to the sometimes accurate Wikipedia.
Yet, the editors of the TV program sometimes manipulated the
soundtrack by including canned laughter according to a piece on JSTOR
daily. The soundtrack was a live/dead combination.

Blog: JSTOR Daily
Article title: The Laugh Track: Loathe It or Love It
Author: Matthew Wills
Date: February 25, 2022

[Begin excerpt]
The necessity of a laugh track for sitcoms became an industry
shibboleth. Hogan’s Heroes (1965-1971) initially tested in a non-laugh
track version, but, evidently, even prisoner-of-war comedies needed
one to succeed. M.A.S.H. (1972-1983) incongruously used one in its
wartime surgical hospital setting. After much debate about whether or
nor All in the Family (1971-1979) used a track, producer Norman Lear
years later admitted that sure, sometimes they did for retakes when
there was no audience around.
[End excerpt]


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