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'Toponymy', n., "1. The place-names of a country or district as a
subject of study", OEDO 1876, entry first published 1913, modified June

_The Academy and literature_ v.6 Jul-Dec, 28 Nov 1874, 588/2:

In general, M. Luchaire is scrupulous in giving full reference to his
authorities; but by some accident none is given to the *Dictionnaire
Topographique du Departement des Basses-Pyrenees*, par M. Paul Raymond —
a work which is indispensable to the student of Basque toponymy, and
without which M. Luchaire's memoire could hardly have been accomplished.

Op. cit. 588/3:

But even this is hardly correct in toponymy.


Op. cit. 589/1:

But even this is hardly correct in toponymy.


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