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The irregular form 'toponomy' is found at least 80 years earlier, in 1794:

The most probable account of the origin of the name, according to the
opinion of a gentleman conversant in toponomy, is this. Saline is a
contraction for *Salvin* or *Salbin*, *bhean* or *bean*, pronounced
*vin* or *bin*, signifies in Gaelic a hill or mountain; and it being
natural for the Scotch to speak *ore aperto*, *sel* is easily converted
into *sal*; it is also habitual for them to suppress the letter *v*,
which may account for the formation of the name Saline as presently used.

>From _The statistical account of Scotland._
Drawn up from the communications of the ministers of the different
parishes. Volume Tenth. Sir John Sinclair, Bart. 1794, p307.


On 11/12/22 20:59, James Eric Lawson wrote:
> _The Academy and literature_ v.6 Jul-Dec, 28 Nov 1874, 589/1
> Humboldt's lists could be much extended now that our materials for the
> study of the 'Basque language and toponymy are so greatly augmented.
> On 11/12/22 19:56, James Eric Lawson wrote:
>> 'Toponymy', n., "1. The place-names of a country or district as a
>> subject of study", OEDO 1876, entry first published 1913, modified June
>> 2022.
>> _The Academy and literature_ v.6 Jul-Dec, 28 Nov 1874, 588/2:
>> In general, M. Luchaire is scrupulous in giving full reference to his
>> authorities; but by some accident none is given to the *Dictionnaire
>> Topographique du Departement des Basses-Pyrenees*, par M. Paul Raymond —
>> a work which is indispensable to the student of Basque toponymy, and
>> without which M. Luchaire's memoire could hardly have been accomplished.
>> Op. cit. 588/3:
>> But even this is hardly correct in toponymy.
>> https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015018430937&view=1up&seq=708&skin=2021&q1=toponymy
> Corrected quote:
>> Op. cit. 589/1:
>> But even this is hardly correct in toponymy.
>> https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015018430937&view=1up&seq=709&skin=2021&q1=toponymy

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