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James Eric Lawson jel at NVENTURE.COM
Mon Nov 14 00:32:27 UTC 2022

Now coming into its own, 'situationship', chiefly US, seems to have
started life as a neologism referring to group rather than personal
relationships, on the Labour lecture circuit in 1928:

_The Daily Herald_, High Water Liverpool. 25 Jan 1928, 6/5:

St. Marylebone I.L.P. [Independent Labour Party], 141,
Marylebone-rd.--To-night at 8, Dr. Hector Munro: "The New Situationship
of the Medical Profession to the Public."


See entries in _Urban Dictionary_ apparently from as early as 2006;
popular news media attestation increasing from 2014.

James Eric Lawson

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